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Neuroscience research

I study computations in the brain: this includes deciphering the algorithms the brain uses to make sense the world, as well as uncovering the implementation of those algorithms on neural hardware. I focus on the computations involved in vision and decision-making, using clues ranging from cellular anatomy to high-dimensional activity patterns. (Technical keywords: transcriptomics, electrophysiology, theoretical neuroscience, V1, phantom oscillations, generalized drift-diffusion model, resting state fMRI, connectomics)

List of publications

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I am currently a research fellow with Kenneth Harris and Matteo Carandini at UCL. I did my PhD in neuroscience with John Murray and Daeyeol Lee at Yale, my master’s in medical science with Ed Bullmore at Cambridge, and my undergrad in mathematics at the University of Minnesota.

Scientific software

Other software

Also see my Github. All software listed here is available under the GNU GPLv3 unless otherwise specified.


Audio files and instrumental parts are available upon request. All music is available under the Creative Commons BY-SA.


I have a blog where I do fun data analyses. A few of my favourite posts are:


What’s with the domain name?

It’s a pun.



I extend an open invitation to email me, and I will try to respond promptly. I especially love talking to people who use my software, as well as receiving questions, comments, and constructive criticism about my work. We can meet in person if you are in the London area. (Idea blatantly stolen from Hillel Wayne and Simon Willison.)

Alternatively, you can send me an anonymous message.