An Empty Box of People

A Creative Commons work for musical theatre

Libretto by Nico Swenson, Score by Max Shinn


An Empty Box of People is a new musical in one act. This humerous yet thought provoking show will leave you with a new appreciation for what can happen when people become locked in an elevator.


What happens when six corporate workers suddenly find themselves trapped in an elevator together? An Empty Box of People explores this reality, while life continues to happen both within the confines of the walls and in the world around them.

Casting and orchestration

There are seven roles: two sopranos, a mezzo, an alto, a tenor, a baritone, and a bass. A recording of a non-acting alto is also needed.

The instrumentation includes Reed (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone), Cello, and Piano. (One piece also contains a simple percussion rhythm to be played by a member of the tech crew.)


Also, see the Bryant Lake Bowl page for information on the Minneapolis performance.


To rent scripts, scores, and orchestra parts, please request a quote. In your request, please include your location and rental duration. (Since the show is Creative Commons licensed, additional charges are not incurred on a per-performance basis.)

Download the Script/Score

An Empty Box of People Script

An Empty Box of People Score

If you would like orchestra parts, email the composer and he’ll send them to you. The MuseScore sources of the music are also available upon request, and will be posted here soon.

Creative Commons License Creative Commons BY-SA.