What is WriteType?

WriteType is a free (and open source) program that helps students experience success in writing. It is designed especially for schools to transform technology from a barrier into an opportunity for success. Some major features include:

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The current version of WriteType is 1.3.163

Note that WriteType depends on older versions of Python. If you are interested in bringing it up to modern standards, please let me know.

Windows Users:

GNU/Linux Users:


Unstable Releases:


Basic Usage



WriteType supports a feature called “highlighting”. This allows a student or teacher to mark areas of the document for later reference. This is useful for the student to remember mistakes after listening to the document being read out loud, or for the teacher to flag areas that need to be reviewed.

There are two ways to highlight parts of the document: by using the Highlight Tool, or by turning on Highlight Mode. The Highlight Tool is the button on the toolbar. To use the Highlight Tool, first click on a word in the document. Then, click the Highlight Tool button. The word under the cursor will be highlighted. If you would like to highlight more than one word, select the area you would like to highlight, and then click on the Highlight Tool button. The selected area will be highlighted. If the cursor is underneath a highlighted section, clicking the Highlight Tool button will remove the highlighting.

Highlight Mode works similarly to the Highlight Tool. Highlight Mode can be enabled by clicking on the icon in the toolbar. It can be disabled by clicking on it again. The only difference between Highlight Mode and the Highlight Tool is that it does not allow text to be entered while enabled. The main advantage to using it is speed. Every time you click on the document with highlight mode enabled, the word under the cursor will be highlighted. Every time you select text, the selected text will immediately be highlighted. The speed makes it possible to quickly highlight words when hearing the document read back, for instance. As with the Highlight Tool, clicking on a highlighted section in Highlight Mode will remove the highlighting.

Other features

For certain situations and usages, WriteType has additional features built-in.

Advanced Usage

For more advanced usage, WriteType has a number of additional settings and features.



Thank you to everyone who contributes to WriteType!

How can I help?

There are many ways that anybody can contribute to WriteType

The Most Important Way to Contribute

The most important thing that you can do is to get WriteType into the hands of children and schools! Even if WriteType was the most perfect piece of software ever created, it would be worthless if no students benefited.

Other Ways to Contribute

If you are interested in any of the following, you can either use the contact form, or email Max. You may also be interested in the Launchpad page. Your help is greatly appreciated!